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“I am grateful for the opportunities that you provided me in your laboratories. I was lucky enough to meet and work with you and your team during my fellowship in Rome. Hopefully, we will meet at future meetings. “

What part of your journey do you remember the most?

I came to Gemelli Hospital as a Thoracic Radiology Research Fellow. I was lucky enough to find the opportunity to work with Prof Valentino and his team in Pantheon Lab. The most significant thing that I first encountered was the well-organized structure of Gemelli ART and also the highly qualified staff members. Besides that, the most memorable part was the beautifully designed and well-lightened relaxing corridors and rooms, some with the wall paintings that reminded me Second Style Ancient Roman Wall Paintings. I used those wall paintings and the pictures belong to different scenes from Rome as my roadmap while discovering Rome.

How would you describe the life in the Gemelli ART laboratory? 

Being a researcher in Gemelli ART laboratory was a self-improving experience. The laboratory organisation that includes Medical Doctors, Biomedical Engineers and Medical Physicists create an environment that let researchers find novel research ideas and conduct those ideas. The staff of laboratory, other researchers and PhD students were always ready to help me whenever I needed.

Can you describe the difference between Gemelli ART and other structure that you worked in?

The main difference between Gemelli ART and other departments I have worked is Gemelli ART has a multidisciplinary structure, which enables high quality in both clinical work and scientific research.

How people of Gemelli ART affected your perception of the experience at the laboratory? 

 Working in Gemelli ART laboratory with other researchers and clinicians clarified my perception about future: I would like to work in a   productive place that ideas can flourish into scientific research with a strong team like Gemelli ART in the future.

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